Create Your Own Website FREE

If you are interested in making your own website or blog (for blog click here) , then is so easy
that you will not believe.Here I will tell you firstly, making free websites where you can just
drag and drop and edit content and choose your favorite themes and designs .It will really help you
if are interested to explore the BIG BANG of Internet world also.

Google says :
A Simple Process will be :
Create a website with our professionally designed templates and easy to use free website builder. Get started by entering your email address. Choose a password (at least four characters). 

Here are Links :

Things You Need to Know Before Making Your First Website:

0. You Need To Know That There Is A Lot To Learn

1. You Need To Know HTML

2. You Need To Know CSS

3. You Need Know About Website Creation and Management Software

for This you can go here :


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