Bhai Vir Singh - 'maker of modern Punjabi literature'

Here are some of DEW DROPS from a Poet, novelist, editor, exegete, historian and journalist  - Bhai Vir Singh

Vision (Didar)

o Reality of this scene,
    Do not cast us aside!
Deep inside you somewhere,
     Lie our music and kelodies;
If you keep us tucked in your interstices,
     You'll bloom and rejoice;
You gave us the gift of eyes -
      May we never lose you. from sight!

Eyes (Ankhian)

Eyes formed from
      The pain to see the formless
Forged in front of our faces
       Fashioned in form exterior -
They see exquisite scenes
       And savour delicious joy.
But The hunger for the formless doesn't go:
      Flitting on forms, they famish for more

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